December 2, 2008

Barbara J. Hancock

I'm so happy to be able to share the news about my first full length novel sale. Hunger, a dark paranormal vampire romance, will be a 2009 release from Samhain Publishing.

In Hunger, a vampire trying not to lose herself and a hunter with nothing left to lose are forced into an unlikely alliance as they desperately try to hunt a killer who leads them into a darker world than they ever imagined.

This year, I became a published author when Ann Leslie Tuttle bought my Silhouette Nocturne Bites "Wilderness" saying that my voice was "compelling" and "sure to be loved". After writing for ten years (with time off here and there to change diapers!), it's been a pure pleasure for me to see my characters come to life. I thought I would never get my eyes to stop leaking the day I saw Colin(the hero from "Wilderness") on my first cover.

I can't wait to see what Hunger will look like!

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Caffey said...

Barbara, I'm a reader, and love reading new to me authors, and found this blog and thrilled to hear about your books to come! I love reading vamps and this sounds so unique! I shall be watching for it!

I hope its ok for me as a reader to post here. I wasn't sure if it was just for authors, but I'm enjoying the news here for you all, congrats! I'd not know what to do without all you writing and the joy it brings me. Thank YOU all.